Friday, June 11, 2010

1.2 submitted to apple.

I have submitted the new update to apple.  I was only going to work on it a little this evening but I got carried away.  =)

Here is the changes list:

- Added iPhone/iPod touch support (with iOS 4.0).
- Added emailing files option.  (This isn't available on the iPod touch)
- Fixed a problem with the empty folder message unexpectedly showing on rotation.
- Updated the button naming and text status.
- Updated the app's icon.

I was more paranoid about testing this go around because of the rotation problem from last time.  I am still surprised that nobody ever mentioned this problem, it was a bad oversight.  My apologies if it caused anyone frustration.

I have moved the buttons around some and made the text a bit more explanatory.  Here are some pictures of the app on the iPhone.

As always, comments, concerns and suggestions are welcome.  Thanks for using folder!

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