Thursday, August 5, 2010

Folder Lite Available

Folder lite is now available to download.  I was unable to take certain screenshots of the app before release as I didn't have access to real iAds.  However, here are a few in addition to the screenshots available on the store.

Once again, for those who are new, take a look at this post if you're wondering how to get files into Folder.

Additionally as a reminder, Folder and Folder Lite can be used with any computer that has iTunes on it, not just the computer you sync with normally.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Addressing confusion

I have had several reviews lately that have complained that they cannot figure out how folder works.  I am posting a link to an april blog post that discusses this for anyone who may be new or confused about folder.

I have resisted putting a help button in Folder as it seems like it's a one-time learning curve, once you know where in iTunes to go to exchange files it seems obvious.  I could add a built-in PDF that acts as a help file or something.  Does anyone have any opinions on this?  Is Folder confusing to use at first and would this be helpful?