Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1.2 live

Version 1.2 is now live on the app store.

The annoying rotation "empty folder" problem is fixed and emailing is alive and well.

One oddity is that for some reason it is only showing up as an iPad app and not allowing itself to be installed on an iPhone or an iPod touch.  I know this works as I tested it on both, so I'll be investigating this and hopefully get this completed by the time that 4.0 is available to the general public next week.  My apologies if this causes anyone any inconvenience.

In the meantime, enjoy the update.  As always, feedback (both good and bad) is appreciated!


  1. I'm a new user of Folder, trying it out for first time. It appears that it does not support a folder structure within the Folder app?

    My use case is to drag and drop multiple folders (different meetings....) from my MacBook into Folder in iTunes, and then ideally see those same folder structures preserved and appearing in Folder on my iPad. But instead Folder flattens the folder structure, so that all documents, regardless of their originating folder on the MacBook appear in the same Folder.

    Am I missing something ? Can Folder preserve folder structures ? If not, might it do so in the future ?

    Best wishes and thanks

  2. Hi Chris,

    In the 3.2 beta phase when I was originally writing Folder, iTunes supported folders and I had planned to support them. Shortly before I was finished, the official SDK came out along with a new version of iTunes. This version of iTunes did not allow folders to be added, only individual files.
    It sounds like this may have changed with 4.0. I am not intentionally doing anything to flatten those folders, so it's possible that iTunes is doing this for you. If Apple ever allows this then Folder will support it. Thanks for your comments, I'll let you know if I make any headway here. For the moment I still believe my hands are tied, but you never know. =)

  3. DadGuy:

    I’m running a PC with Windows Vista Home Premium (Service Pack 2) and am trying to understand how your FOLDER app works with my 64GB WiFi iPad (3.2-7B367) through iTunes ( I purchased the app, installed it… and don’t have a clue how to “dray and drop” as is claimed or “Add Files to your Folder via iTunes”, nor to I see any folder (I’ve tried to create one—doesn’t work). I’ve tried everything and then some… or I’m really dense… and, frankly, at this point I’m getting pretty angry. PLEASE explain EXACTLY STEP-BY-STEP how to transfer files, etc. Strong suggestion: when the program first opens up you should add a Help button with explicit instructions. Please help or please return my money.


  4. Hi Holopupenko,

    If you go to the applications tab of your device and scroll down you will see at the bottom there all apps on your iPad that can share files via iTunes. I mentioned this a couple of posts back. I also have a screenshot on the iTunes store on where this is accomplished in iTunes. You can also send files to folder from your mail program on your iPad and other apps that support sending files. I hope this helps.

  5. DadGuy:

    Thank you: yes, it did help... and it works! I appreciate your being patient with me. Please keep improving it: it's a great product.