Thursday, August 5, 2010

Folder Lite Available

Folder lite is now available to download.  I was unable to take certain screenshots of the app before release as I didn't have access to real iAds.  However, here are a few in addition to the screenshots available on the store.

Once again, for those who are new, take a look at this post if you're wondering how to get files into Folder.

Additionally as a reminder, Folder and Folder Lite can be used with any computer that has iTunes on it, not just the computer you sync with normally.



  1. I have tried every possible way to get this app to work and I cannot. This should be intuitive, but it falls way short of the mark. Very dissatisfied.

  2. Hi Gary,

    Folder has had bugs in the past, but it's never "not worked" as far as I know.

    Can you be a bit more specific? I'd be happy to help, just ask here or send me an email,