Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Addressing confusion

I have had several reviews lately that have complained that they cannot figure out how folder works.  I am posting a link to an april blog post that discusses this for anyone who may be new or confused about folder.

I have resisted putting a help button in Folder as it seems like it's a one-time learning curve, once you know where in iTunes to go to exchange files it seems obvious.  I could add a built-in PDF that acts as a help file or something.  Does anyone have any opinions on this?  Is Folder confusing to use at first and would this be helpful?


  1. I have tried every possible way to get this app to work and I cannot. This should be intuitive, but it falls way short of the mark. Very dissatisfied.

  2. I cannot get this app to work on my iPod Touch
    nor can I find any 'usable' explanation of how it is supposed to work.

  3. Hi charlie,

    If you connect your iPod touch to your computer, in iTunes you should be able to see a file sharing section. To get to the file sharing, go to the apps tab when your device is selected. At the bottom of the window is a sharing pane, which lists all apps that will share files. You can load or unload files from here in addition to sending files within the app itself. I hope that helps!