Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1.2.2 almost ready

Hey everyone.

I spent a good chunk of time last night on looking at the possible bug in Folder.  Good news.  It seems that the bug I was seeing has to do with iOS 4.0 and above only, and I was seeing it because of the ad supported version that I am making.  The regular version of Folder does not appear to have this problem, which is why I hadn't seen this previously.

Still, I did fix a few good things last night and after a paranoid round of testing I should be submitting the new version this evening.  Changes include:

- Fixed a problem with email attachments crashing the app when sending unknown file types.
- Fixed a problem with the cancel button being only partially selectable.
- Added additional supported filetypes to open files with.
- Fixed a possible problem with multi-tasking and accepting files on iOS 4.
- Fixed a problem with the empty folder image not centered in some cases.
- Fixed a problem with the empty folder image not showing in the proper orientation if the device is flat.
- Fixed some incorrect text in a dialog.

This was more problems than I had been aware of.  If you see a problem with Folder let me know, I would be happy to address it.

I am considering dropbox support in an update as well as possibly moving the icons around.  I am still thinking about wifi support, but no promises there yet.

Thanks for using Folder!


  1. 1.2.2 was submitted last night for anyone who is following along.

  2. Is there was to make a file structure or folder tree within this application? And then additionally make it synchronize to a specified folder on your computer so when dealing with large numbers of files and subfolders they do not have to be added individually?

    It would be nice to have everything organized the way it is on your computer, and have it synchronize automatically when new files are added to that specific fold on the computer.

    Or are you aware of an app that might do this?

  3. Hi Markymark,
    I am unaware of another app that does this. Unfortunately syncing through iTunes does not allow for syncing folders, so I am unable to support this feature at this time. If and when apple does allow this then I will support nested folders in Folder.

  4. I guess I'm dense. I downloaded the app but don't see a folder I can use associated with it in iTunes. What am I missing?

  5. Hi nickie,

    You can access folder's files by attaching your device and scrolling to the bottom of the app tab in iTunes. (on your iPhone/iPad, not the regular iTunes app area). Hope that helps!